Wednesday, February 9, 2011


2:02 a.m. Unwanted guest—drunk. N. Main Street. Caller reports his roommate is drunk and making threats and is stating he is suicidal. He is on clonopin and other medications. Caller reports roommate also threatened him with a machete. Roommate is laying in his bed and has the machete in his room.
Roommate voluntarily taken to Brockton Hospital ER.

8:26 a.m. Domestic violence call. Fairmount Avenue. Caller reports her ex-boyfriend allegedly punched her in the face. She is outside and ex is inside. Talisa K. Walker, 33, of Brockton was arrested and charged with A&B.

12:33 p.m. Larceny in progress. National Grid, 100 E. Ashland St. Caller reports parties allegedly stealing copper wire. One took off in a silver Ford Focus. Couple parties still there. Eric Grzyboski, 35, of Norton was charged with 2 counts of felony B&E a building in nighttime and larceny from a building.

2:53 p.m. Pickup a prisoner on a warrant. Centre Street. Katie L. Field, 26, of E. Bridgewater was arrested and charged with possession of a Class B drug and foreign warrant.

4:37 p.m. Domestic violence call. Linwood Street. Caller reports her godchild who lives with her allegedly is out of control throwing things around the house, threatening the caller’s elderly mother and has hit the caller several times. Cassandra McCoy, 40, of Brockton was charged with A&B.

5:10 p.m. Threats—see the complainant. Custer Street. Caller states neighbor is making threats. Argument over shrubs and bushes on the property line. Neighbor was yelling at caller when she was making call to police. They will call back if it continues. Matter settled for now.

7:33 p.m. Bomb scare. Cardinal Spellman High School, 738 Court St. Caller is the principal of Cardinal Spellman High School. She just got a call from a custodian telling her that there was writing on a stall in the boys bathroom that said there is a bomb in the school. Custodian cleaned off the writing. Vice-principal will be in the parking lot.

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