Thursday, February 17, 2011


3:15 a.m. Welfare check. Poole Avenue. Caller reports her girlfriend is very drunk and just walked out of the house towards Clifton Avenue. Woman is a white female wearing a blue coat, slippers and no pants. Caller reports she has found her friend and is bringing her home.

11:54 a.m. Road rage. Pearl Street Medical Building, 1 Pearl St. Caller reports a man in a newer model Chrysler with Arizona plates cut her off and followed her to the Pearl Street Medical Building parking lot. Caller states he is circling the parking lot and parked in front of her and made a gun symbol with his fingers at her. Caller said he has taken off, but is worried he might come back. She is pregnant and scared. Matter settled.

1:36 p.m. Assault & battery in progress. Forest Avenue and Ash Street. Caller reports two teens fighting. One allegedly spit on the motor vehicle of the other as it passed by. Gaige Spear, 17, of Brockton was charged with A&B.

4:19 p.m. A&B in progress. Chatham West Road. Jeffrey M. Watts, 25, of Mattapan was charged with assault and battery.

4:44 p.m. Larceny in progress. Macy’s, 200 Westgate Dr. Caller reports while dealing with one shoplifter another shoplifter ran out of the store. Have plate number.

5:29 p.m. Welfare check. 850 N. Main St. Caller states an elderly male in a wheelchair is on Main Street in front of Waitt Funeral Home and is concerned he may get hit by a car. Police checked on the man and reported he is waiting for the bus, is OK and stated he will stay on the side of the road.

6:33 p.m. Robbery. Sears, 200 Westgate Dr. State Police called to report a female was fighting with her boyfriend and he allegedly took her money. Caller is waiting for PD at Sears. Ashley Meguro, 28, of Quincy was charged with threat to commit crime and unarmed robbery.

8 p.m. Domestic violence call. Richmond Street. Caller reports she is allegedly being beat up by her boyfriend. Kevin J. Sullivan, 44, of Brockton was charged with two counts of assault and battery.

9:23 p.m. Larceny investigation. Keith School, 175 Warren Ave. Caller reports a wallet stolen from the Champion School earlier. See caller at home.

9:47 p.m. Stalking. Golden Corner, 13 E. Battles St. @ 562 N. Main St. A female caller reported when she got off the bus near Golden Corner a green or black 4-door SUV with a white male in his 40s or 50s followed her as she walked home. Caller states she told him to stop following her as he kept circling around her. She told him she was going to call 911 and he said he didn’t care because if he wanted to snatch her up, he will. Caller said she went to Prime Gas and called a cab and is now home.

10:22 p.m. Domestic violence call. Newbury Street. Caller is at a nearby gas station and reports his nephew just allegedly attacked him. Caller was allegedly running up the street with the nephew chasing him. Bernard Junior Grant, 18, of Brockton was charged with assault and battery.

10:57 p.m. Larceny of a M/V investigation. Chatham West Drive. Caller reports a 2004 gray Nissan Pathfnder was stolen after caller left it running outside.

11:15 p.m. Disturbance by a family. Arthur Paquin Way. Husband and wife are allegedly having a verbal altercation and wife would like an officer to come. Valdemiro Pedro, 47, of Brockton was charged with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, resisting arrest and A&B on a police officer.

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