Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010
12:00 a.m. Robert Brown, 41, of Brockton was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery. Police responded to a caller from South St. allegedly reporting a male and female fighting and it has been going all night.

12:12 a.m. Joao B. Martins, 52, of Brockton was charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery. Caller from the vicinity of Kensington Place reported that a boyfriend allegedly hit her several times.

12:47 a.m. Police respond to the vicinity of W. Park St. Caller reports that a male is allegedly banging on her door and screaming…he is now in the middle of the street and is hooting and hollering and going into peoples' yards. Police searched the area and unable to locate anyone.

2:09 a.m. Steven M. Afienko Jr., 26, of Pembroke was charged with assault, disturbing the peace, resisting arrest and threat to commit a crime. A caller from the vicinity of W Park Street reported that a male party was allegedly laying on back stairs and moaning.

3:16 a.m. Alberto Silveira, 27, of Brockton was charged with assault and battery, threat to commit a crime and intimidation of a witness. Police responded to a report by a caller that she was talking to her friend on the phone and heard the friend scream and then the phone went dead. Caller reported that her friend was allegedly arguing with her boyfriend in the vicinity of Snow Ave.

7:38 a.m. Welfare check for male party laying on the ground in the vicinity of Crescent Street and Electric Avenue. Ambulance dispatched and party taken to Brockton Hospital ER for medical evaluation.

8:07 a.m. Breaking and entering a motor vehicle investigation on Kenneth Avenue. Plymouth County BCI notified to respond for photos and prints.

8:19 a.m. Recovered stolen blue 1995 Honda SE Civic from the vicinity of North Cary Street. Due to rain, Plymouth County BCI could not get fingerprints.

8:19 a.m. Breaking and entering motor vehicle investigation on Sumner West Street. Red 2002 Acura RSX passenger window smashed and GPS was taken. Report taken by police.

8:23 a.m. Recovered stolen red 1996 Honda Civic on Vesey Street. Vehicle was ransacked and steering column popped. Due to rain Plymouth County BCI could not get prints.

9:22 a.m. Larceny investigation for South Middle School. 2 laptops stolen, police responded and report taken.

10:11 a.m. Alleged assault and battery in progress near Weston Street. Male and female in maroon Toyota Camry. Nina M. Sanchez, 20, of Brockton and Andy Lobo, 24, of Brockton were both charged with assault and battery.

11:18 a.m. Police responded to Brockton High School for an assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Juvenile arrest of a 16 year old.

11:21 a.m. Robert Lebreton, 45, of Brockton was charged with 2 counts of forgery of a check and 2 counts of uttering a false check. Caller reported a tenant allegedly cashed 2 of their checks without permission.

11:39 a.m. Report of suspicious person on Kingman Street. Caller states that a male in early 20s was muttering and fled east on Crescent. Party transported by ambulance to Brockton Hospital ER because he could not tell what day it was or why he ran.

2:48 p.m. Police respond to North Jr High School for assault & battery in progress. 2juveniles enroute to station to be picked up by guardians.

4:43 p.m. Police respond to the vicinity of Emmet Street after a caller reports that 2 pitbulls in the back yard fighting….owner of one of the pit bulls is trying to get them to stop. One of the dogs is on River street injured and the pitbull was taken away by unknown party.

4:49 p.m. Casieri Street caller reports that his woman allegedly hit him with a hammer. Donna Fredette, 59, of Brockton was summoned to appear for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon.

5:11 p.m. Police respond to Annis Court Apartments for a female party who had a headache and fainted and then started to pull her hair out and is acting crazy. Ambulance notified and party taken to hospital.

6:23 p.m. Rickey Depina, 22, of Brockton was charged with assault to murder, assault & battery with a dangerous weapon, unlawful possession of ammunition, discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a building and unlawful possession of a firearm. Depina was allegedly identified by the victim of a shooting that occurred on 5/13/2009. Also charged and allegedly identified by the victim was Michael Townsend, 21, of Brockton with assault & battery with dangerous weapon, discharge of firearm near highway, assault to murder, unlawful carry of a firearm and unlawful possession of ammunition.

6:35 p.m. Police respond to a larceny in progress at the Family Dollar Store on East Ashland Street. Caller reports that a female allegedly took about $30 worth of stuff and refused to have her bag checked and walked and sat in her car in the parking lot. Police summoned to appear to court, Nicole Jefferson, 28, of Abington for shoplifting by concealing merchandise.
8:38 p.m. Gunshots call around 588-590 North Montello Street, caller reports that they heard 10 shots and didn’t see anyone. Police respond and report that 10 shots hit 588-590 North Montello street and fourteen 9mm Luger shell casings were recovered and turned into CID.

9:09 p.m. Motor vehicle stop in the vicinity of 610 pleasant street at Walgreens. Police charged Vardly M. St. Felix, 20, of Brockton with disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, resisting arrest and B&E for misdemeanor. Also charged, Carlens Alain Louis, 21, of Taunton with operating MV with license revoked, failure to stop/yield, not in possession of registration, unregistered motor vehicle, uninsured motor vehicle, attaching plates to MV and no inspection sticker.

Saturday, September 18, 2010
12:11 a.m. Police respond to Herrod Avenue residence for a suicide attempt. Caller reports that roommate has cut self and has passed out. Ambulance called and sent to hospital.
1:17 a.m. Motor vehicle stop at the 155 block on Crescent Street. Timothy Clark, 23, of Brockton was charged with operating motor vehicle with license suspended, possession of open container of alcohol and MV red/blue light violation.

2:52 a.m. Police respond to a disturbance at the Stop & Gas on Warren Ave. Caller reports that 5 or 6 people out front and are scaring customers away and they are getting ready to close. When police arrive about 20 males scatter and they will patrol the area until the store closes.

4:05 a.m. Report taken of a robbery that happened outside the Cumberland Farms at 984
North Main street. Victims report they were robbed of their sneakers and cell phones at gunpoint in front of the store about 2:23 a.m. Caller reported incident to Avon police(they live in Avon) but referred to Brockton PD due to jurisdiction. Also reported that ballistic evidence may be found on sidewalk in front of the store. One casing recovered by Brockton Police.

8:07 a.m. Larceny investigation at Caritas Good Samaritan Hospital. Security reports that someone from the 3rd floor stole a laptop. Brockton police report taken.

9:04 a.m. Code enforcement investigates a report of a foreclosed building on Warren Avenue that the toilets are clogged and the tenants are “doing their business” in plastic bags and tossing them out the window into a neighbors yard. Enforcement report trash and garbage are all over the place and very disgusting. Board of Health will be notified ASAP.

9:23 a.m. Randy L Detoma, 48, of Brockton was charged with assault and battery, default on a warrant and a local warrant. Caller reports that they were allegedly pushed by Detoma.

12:30 p.m. Reported larceny at Rent- A- Center at 736 Crescent Street. A male party in a blue Chevy, entered the rear door of the store and stole a TV and took off. Suspect allegedly driving a blue Chrysler Sebring and described as a black male, 20s, braided hair, facial hair and wearing a blue tracksuit and light blue top with dark blue bottoms.
12:58 p.m. Report of male laid out on the corner of Main Street and Davids Street. Party taken to Good Samaritan Medical Center.

1:00 p.m. Caller reports brown pitbull off leash in the vicinity of Baxendale Avenue and they are in their car and afraid to get out.

2:39 p.m. Jose Andrade, 54, of Brockton was charged with assault and battery and assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. Caller from Court Street alleges that her husband and her brother-in-law were fighting and the brother-in-law just threw a rock at the window.

8:26 p.m. Caller reports that 25 minutes ago a black male about 6” tall, medium build and wearing black sweat pants with red writing on them robbed him at knife point in the vicinity of Pine Avenue and took his cell phone and his beat up turquoise bike.

9:53 p.m. Assault and battery with a dangerous weapon investigation in the vicinity of 115 Spring street. Police report taken and Brockton FD with alleged stabbing victim.

10:18 p.m. Motor vehicle stop at the corner of Dover Street and Marciano Way. Cory M. Wilson, 20, of Brockton was charged with possession to distribute a class B drug, possession to distribute a class D drug and drug violation near a school or park.

10:20 p.m. Pedestrian hit by a motor vehicle that took off in the vicinity of 176 Howard Street. Ambulance took party to the hospital.

10:53 p.m. Malicious damage to motor vehicle. Caller states that her windows were smashed at Westgate Lanes, 65 Westgate Dr. Caller will meet police in the parking lot. Police report taken.

10:55 p.m. Battles Farm Drive resident reports that 2 young males tried to break into her car and broke the window and a neighbor scared them off and they ran down the street. Police report taken.

11:17 p.m. Welfare check on a party laying down on the ground, a possible runaway from a hospital or rehab. Ambulance sent and party taken to Brockton Hospital ER.

11:28 p.m. Motor vehicle accident at the corner of Montello Street and East Ashland Street. 3 cars involved and no personal injury. No police report taken and papers exchanged.

Sunday, September 19, 2010
Midnight, Disturbance on Lisa Dr. Caller reports there is a group of teens out front being loud. Police respond and party is in the house, spoke to homeowner and will keep the teenagers inside the house and music is not causing a disturbance.

1:03 a.m. Assault and battery in progress at Maui Restaurant, 1875 Main Street. Large fight inside and no weapons. Police arrive and fight is over, several parties didn’t pay tab. Found individuals involved and went back and paid. Several drunk males involved in fight, Matter settled.

1:40 a.m. State Police report that they received a call from a male saying that his female has allegedly stabbed him in the ribs in the vicinity of Southfield Drive. He is now chasing female on Southfield towards Davis commons.
Police charged Tatiana Quinones, 21, of Brockton with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and summons to court Brandon C. Greaves, 21, of Brockton with assault and battery.

2:19 a.m. Disturbance call in the vicinity of Fuller Street and Winthrop Street. Caller states they called last night for the same problem. That people are allegedly going into basement for after hours bar and people are being loud.

4:09 a.m. Caller reports that a male and female are allegedly fighting in the hallway at the West Elm Terrace apartments. Police charged Tonya M. Taylor, 44, of Brockton with assault and battery and also charged Reanna Owen, 18, of Rockland with default on a warrant.

5:41 a.m. Caller from Lucy Lane reports an alleged home invasion happened when 2 white males with baseball bats kicked in his door and threatened to kill them. They then asked for the keys to his blue motorcycle with silver & black flames and took the keys and stole his bike and cell phone. Police report taken.
9:09 a.m. Caller reports that a male is allegedly passed out behind the wheel of his running car in the parking lot of Perkins Market, 185 Perkins Avenue. Police charged Gregory C. Dodge, 35, of Pembroke with possession of a class a drug, OUI and drugs.

10:35 a.m. Code enforcement investigated an alleged report of an after hours food and liquor sales in the vicinity of the 100s block of Winthrop Street.

11:17 a.m. A 911 hang-up call came from a Vine Street residence. Upon follow up police charged Erik Grahn, 27, of Brockton with assault.

11:31 a.m. Stolen from a Bolton Place residence sometime after 2:30 a.m. this morning is a 1997 black four door Honda Accord. Police report taken.

1:09 p.m. Ambulance requests escort with police for a party that has to be transported from High Point Treatment Center to the hospital. Caller reports patient allegedly will fight with police and is already agitated. Police escorted ambulance to Brockton Hospital ER with no incident.

2:08 P.M. Report of a male party about 15 years old shooting at a green truck in the vicinity of Mason Street and 680 Centre Street. Caller shaken up and not able to describe the direction the suspect ran. Police respond and truck no longer there and no one on the ground. Suspect was wearing a black and green jersey.

3:27 p.m. Augusta Avenue resident reports that gas was stolen from shed. Police report taken.

4:24 p.m. Report of a white male with black hair in a pony tail harassing patrons at the Cumberland Farms at the corner of Main Street and Hayward Avenue. Police respond and report that 2 parties are on their way. They both claim to be homeless but are staying in Whitman.

6:00 p.m. West Elm Street residence reports that 2 children's bicycles have been stolen. Police report taken.
8:26 p.m. Livingston Road resident reports that a white female wearing white and black t-shirt and black pants is circling the area looking for business. Police respond but no one found.

8:59 p.m. Clifton Avenue resident reports that 10 minutes ago he saw 2 teens break into his car and they fled on foot running on Warren Avenue heading North. Police report taken.

9:08 p.m. Winona Street caller reported that their car rear window was smashed. Police report taken.

9:10 p.m. Samuel Caceres, 34, of Brockton was summoned to court for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and assault to murder in connection with the incident on 9/18/10 at Spring Street.
10:49 p.m. Dupont Circle resident reports 92 Buick Century color red stolen. Police report taken.

11:05 p.m. Joseph Pierrot, 36, of Brockton was charged with assault and battery and threat to commit a crime after a caller from Montello Street reported that they allegedly were arguing and the fight was escalating.

Monday, September 20, 2010
2:06 a.m. Winthrop Street residents hearing shots fired, caller states that when they were on Harvard Street and when they went to the area of 141-145 Winthrop Street, there was a party laying on the sidewalk and the caller stated he has no pulse and thinks he was shot. Caller states they saw a couple people running but then hung up.
Another caller from Winthrop Street said people outside and a male is laying in front of 141 Winthrop Street. 3rd caller stated that a male was laying in front of 141 Winthrop Street and thinks he is dead and did not see who did the shooting. CPAC notified.

6:46 a.m. Cherry Street resident reports that someone broke into their car and tried to steal it and damaged the inside dash. Police report taken.

8:11 a.m. Foster Street resident reports larceny of their bicycle. Orange and tan Tony Hawk edition stolen. Police report taken.

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